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As Reymond confirms in her masterly study of the Edfu Texts:the first era known by our principal sources was a period which started from what existed in the past.The general tone of the record seems to convey the view that an ancient world, after having been constituted, was destroyed, and as a dead world it came to be the basis of a new period of creation which at first was the re-creation and resurrection of what once had existed in the past According to the Edfu Texts, the Seven Sages and the other gods came originally from an island, the ‘Homeland of the Primeval Ones’.Thus, on the face of things, the Building Texts appear to be nothing more than a history of the Edfu Temple itself, together with descriptions of its rooms and halls and of their ritual purpose and significance. The historical temple is interpreted as the work of the gods themselves, and as an entity of a mythical nature. seems to indicate a belief in a historical temple that was a direct continuation, projection, and reflexion of a mythical temple that came into existence at the beginning of the world...”1) The ‘Great Primeval Mound’ has recently been associated by Professor I. Their special role was as ‘the only divine beings who knew how the temples and sacred places were to be created’.And it was they who initiated construction work at the Great Primeval Mound.Victor proposed to have a long rest here and a snack, too.Eugene actively supported him, saying that his bowels had been cocking big snooks at each other for already a long time, and so his stomach manifested its utter discontent in the form of continuous rumbling.

Suddenly, a strange confusion started among our little group.

Likewise is it an accident that in Indian tradition ‘Seven Sages’ (Rishis) are remembered to have survived the Flood, their purpose being to preserve and pass down to future generations the wisdom of the antediluvian world?

In all cases the Sages appear as the enlightened survivors of a cataclysm that wiped the earth clean, who then set about making a fresh start at the dawn of a new age – which, in ancient Egypt, was referred to as the ‘First Time’.

As I understand, the source of information is Shambala. When a human being evolves spiritually (either within one life or more often through recurrent incarnations) he or she eventually gets, as Buddhists say, on the last step to becoming Buddha.

Figuratively speaking, he or she graduates from the earthly life university and tries to defend his or her “diploma” in order to have the right to get to a higher level.

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