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Rain storms and cyclones are common in the region during the rainy season, which starts with the monsoons in early June.

Cyclones may occur any time of the year, but occur more commonly between May and November. It then increased to 7,43,354 after expansion, constituting 371,727 males and 3,71,612 females —a sex ratio of approximately 1000 females per 1000 males, higher than the national average of 9.

The earliest reference to the present name of the city can be dated back to the period of Ammaraja–I (922-929 CE), the Vengi Eastern Chalukyan King.

It also has its appearance in another two inscriptions dated 1147 AD and 1158 AD.

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Including surrounding areas of Phirangipuram, Mangalagiri, Kolanukonda, Ponnur, Yanamalakuduru, Vijayawada, Sattenapalle, Kondapalle, Chilakalurupet, Kankipadu, Narasaraopet, Bhattiprolu, Vuyyuru, Gannavaram, Bapatla, Repalle, Nandigama, Chirala, Challapalle, pedda nakkalapalem, Pavuluru, Vetapalem, Avanigadda, Gudivada, Gudlavalleru, Nuzvid, Addanki, Jaggayyapeta, Machilipatnam, Pedana, there are over 37,638 members and growing every day.

In 1995, the first election of the Municipal Corporation was conducted.

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The region has been historically known for Buddhism and the first Kalachakra ceremony performed by Gautama Buddha himself.

The place of Sitanagaram and the Guttikonda caves are referred in the ancient texts (Vedic puranas) going back to the Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga (Traditional time scale: 1.7 to 0.5 million years ago, Ref).

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There are few hills in the surrounding suburban areas and Perecherla Reserve Forest on the north west.

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