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The problem with Internet dating is that people can be whoever they want to be online, and there are many really unbalanced people who populate Internet dating sites as well as many fakes and phonies.I actually met my fiance on the Internet and we’re planning on marrying.People used to typically meet each other at events or in bars.This is not the case nowadays, with the advent of computers and all different types of dating sites from Christian sites to adult sex sites.So, in order to divert his mind, I asked him, “By the way, how is Betsy”? At that point, I threw a fit and told him that I wasn’t looking for a womanizer, opened the car door, made my exit and went back into my car and drove home ... I was afraid to call the police because this guy knew where I lived. “Chain, Chain, Chain, Chain of Fools” - I met another fellow online who impressed me with his intelligence and reasonable looks. He told me he was a one woman man, and I have to say I was relieved to hear that after having met Mr. We went out several times before I invited him to my house.One day, we bought sandwiches at a local deli and we brought them to my house. He had an overnight bag with him which was full of whips and chains!!!! “If It Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It” - I met another man online who was well-versed in history and clearly no slouch in the brains department.I wrote back to him that I would meet him if his name is really Frank and not John.He assured me his name was Frank, and he asked me to call him at a specific time in the evening.

I remembered that he told me he was still dating some woman named Betsy (*name changed to protect the innocent).I made the mistake of meeting people too early in the game. For instance, you don’t want to become intimate with someone who purports to be unattached and later find out the person has a significant other. If you’re an extra cautious type, you can try “Googling” the person and find out as much as you can prior to meeting. If someone you already met keeps canceling dates, this is a sign that something is fishy. I’ve also met my share of married people, pathological liars, guys on a pity party, guys who pretended to be looking for something serious who really were into the swinging lifestyle, etc. In order to rise to the challenge, you have to be smarter than the average bear. Remember that there are all kinds of crazies out there, especially in today’s uncertain world. Also realize that many people meet their future spouses on the Internet. A few weeks later, a man from the area joined another dating site without a picture.He called himself “Frank” and he contacted me online.

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