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With Zizek: In this respect, we might consider Malabou's reading of Hegel's linguistic anthropology: "Chapter 3 [of The Future of Hegel] then raises the question: if humans are not the only animals that develop habits, what is it that gives us a capacity for self-determination that other animals lack?Chapter 4 responds that the use of language differentiates human beings from other animals and makes our habitual behavior unique: "Man is exemplary because the human formative power can translate the logical process into a sensuous form" (74).This, Malabou concludes, makes each of us capable of plastic individuality, of transforming our own singular essence in unforeseeable ways by incorporating what was formerly accidental." Note btw that Malabou's reading is consistent with my own view of Hegel as a demythologizer in religion, and as a philosopher who acknowledges the productive dimension of reflexivity.____ Philosophy understood by Heidegger in the sense of the way in which meaning opens itself for us.

That is another reason why there can be no ultimate metalanguage—the standpoint keeps changing.(Audience suggests a story by Borges, "Tema del traidor y el hroe")._______ Zizek criticizes the simplistic narrative of historical development at work in Ernesto Laclau and in Judith Butler, seeing in history a process of gradual groping after the Enlightened attitude that we finally reach in their work.... Why is it that people were stupid essentialists before, and now we finally see it?Kant's extreme of rationality—Lacan said that Sade was the truth of Kant, meaning not that Kant was a sadist, but that Sade was a Kantian.Don Giovanni, another Kantian: his choice of hell is ethical, he sticks to his own responsibility and to the truth of his actions (rationally) even though it will not benefit him.

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_______ A new definition of human complexity and lying by Lacan: man is the only animal who can lie (Cf.

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