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When Section D was absorbed by Special Operations Executive (SOE) in summer of 1940, Philby was appointed as an instructor in the arts of "black propaganda" at the SOE's training establishment in Beaulieu, Hampshire.This was a covert organisation based in New York City, headed by William Stephenson intended to investigate enemy activities, prevent sabotage against British interests in the Americas, and mobilise pro-British opinion in the Americas.In August 1919, Cumming created the new passport control department, providing diplomatic cover for agents abroad.The post of Passport Control Officer provided operatives with diplomatic immunity.

On the night of 8–9 November 1939, a meeting took place without police presence.

Its first director was Captain Sir Mansfield George Smith-Cumming, who often dropped the Smith in routine communication.

He typically signed correspondence with his initial C in green ink.

During the Second World War, the name MI6 was used as a flag of convenience, the name by which it is frequently known in popular culture since.

In the immediate post-war years under Sir Mansfield George Smith-Cumming and throughout most of the 1920s, SIS was focused on Communism, in particular, Russian Bolshevism.

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