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A good film to watch with a group of friends or the person you hope will be more.the characters are well-developed and intriguing and it is fun to see our understanding of them develop as the film is also a good gift - I bought four copies to share.This movie has the charm of a small, independent film, but is professional and extremely funny. Definitely worth the bargain price of .00 price on Amazon. I did laugh at times, but some parts just made me squirm and I was finishing the lines the same time as some of the actors. On a lighter note, I think that the best actor in the movie, was the one who played Tommy, the man who worked in the store and who went out on a date with Robin.He was hilarious, and I loved watching his facial expressions.For those in Southern California, you will especially enjoy seeing all of the local orange County sites used as scenes for this film (including the late, great, Balboa Fun Zone).

I liked them the first time I heard them, in those other movies, but it's almost if they were recycled and words were moved around to be made new again.

When Mona meets Nick, things seem to go smoothly for a while, but Nick has issues.

Robin meets Jed and starts to become interested in him.

They suggest that he date a while to find out what he really wants.

All the while, he's trying to get his business up in the air after his investor backed out on him. Though his professional life is going much better than his personal life, being a successful book author who lies and says that he's unemployed so the women don't make fun of him.

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