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First I reworked the data given in Tables 1 & 2, using the classical statistical analyzing method, based on the "Central Limit Theorem." I used the method given in "Perry's Chemical Engineer's Handbook", my technical bible for many years.Note that I only verify the assessment of the radiocarbon dating results, NOT the conversion into calendar ages.The EIGHT "dependent" dates were combined in FOUR "independent dates, given in Table 1 ( Yet mathematically correct, this "re-calculation" should have been notified by the authors of the report. It took more than TWO years before Arizona confirmed the combination made at the request of the British Museum. The method is based on the QUOTED error for each measurement.

Because we assume all radiocarbon dates to be correct, we must conclude, that the SMALL samples, taken at the same place, do not have the same radioactivity and are not REPRESENTATIVE for the Shroud.The D13C error can be estimated : 31 = [28^2 (D13C)^2]^0.5 D13C = [961 - 784]^0.5 = 13. The British Museum gave several versions, but no specific answer was given........ Leese explained also that the British Museum did not use the classical method, but a NEW method, developed by the Australian scientists Drs. Note : It seems a little strange, that in the W & W method, the LARGER the errors, the BETTER the CHI^2 test will become. [(646-672)^2/17^2] [(749-672)^2/31^2] (676-672)^2/24^2] = 8.43 The computer, with NO ROUNDING OFF of the values, will give X^2 = 8.76 5.99 states that there is a SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between the results of the 3 laboratories.Formula W & W : Consider a number of measurements - errors : A- a........ From the X^2 test result, one can determinate the % significance level : 2.718^-(8.43/2) = 1.3 %.The reason for a statistical analysis of radiocarbon dates, is the FACT that, theoretically, no experimental result is absolute, and to some extent, subject to chance error. The British Museum, selected the Chi^2 to be the criterion for the assessment of the radiocarbon dating results for the Shroud.Even an EXACT measurement is still due, to some extent, to chance. The MAXIMUM Chi^2 test value for 95% confidence and (3-1) degrees of freedom is 5.99.

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Subsequently, however, some critics raised questions as to whether the samples used in the 1988 testing were representative of the whole shroud.

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