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What I have seen and felt and heard and smelled in each of the places I have lived has made me who I am, like a wine having picking up its surrounding elements.

I would never want the clocks to be turned back to the person I was before I set foot on that first airplane.

But I also want to have the sights and smells and family and friends from Germany and Italy and France.

My home town, which before had given me a sense of comfort and belonging, upon returning seemed stifling and bereft of warmth.

I moved about my days feeling that something was missing but I had no idea what it could be.

Thus, the final question I ask myself is no longer whether I will ever have that complete sense of home again, that sense of knowing I belong in one place above all others without doubt.

I now ask myself how I can feel at home where I am at this very moment, in this place, with these experiences; each moment finding my way back home.

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