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It takes care of file name conflicts and eliminates manual errors.

Before doing anything at all, it allows you to preview the results to make sure that everything is just perfect.

If you move NTFS2 you are not creating a new folder so the creation date doesn't change, neither are you modifying the folder so its modified date doesn't change.

Since you are moving NTFS2 into NTFS1 you are in fact modifying NTFS1 so its modified date changes. When you say that the "modified time can be disabled with filesystem option", I can't find any evidence about that. Here's another MSDN article that is very specific about the modified time: "The only guarantee about a file time stamp is that the file time is correctly reflected when the handle that makes the change is closed."…

Note: The second and third column options won't repeat.

The Big Mean Folder Machine is an essential tool for anyone working with large file collections, including digital photographers, music enthusiasts, content creation, post-production or other creative professionals, system administrators, ...

If no file names match your search terms, click Search for '[search term]' in my Dropbox from the dropdown search bar. Note: Since you're searching the actual file contents—not just the file name—the results shown may not look relevant at first glance.

Click a file to preview it to see if it's what you were looking for.

Conversely it also allows to merge the files from multiple folder hierarchies into a single folder.

It can also split large file collections into batches of a pre-determined size, for instance for backing them up to CD/DVD or tape.

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